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a j i r a n g i ;; ver. o2

through our strength, we'll make a better tomorrow.

a j i r a n g i♥
9 April 1993
A J I R A N G I™

M A D E I N T H E U K♪
is a total perfectionist.
is onefive years old.
is an aries.
chinese horoscope is rooster.
goes to high school.
is in year/grade ten.
likes asian music.[kr, jp, cn]
likes food.
plays xbox360.[ladylarsa]
has vowed to see Dir en grey live.
speaks Japanese.
Nice to meet you.

this journal is friends only!
comment to be added; i like to meet new people. (:
make sure you have the same interests as me, 1 or 2 at least!
Those who don't shall be deleted. :3

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